Today’s Heavenly Bride activities involved backtracking a bit on the current chapter while I continue to figure out the new process. As I mentioned to supporters, I am taking turns between The Heavenly Bride and Akashik. When I finish an Akashik chapter, I will jump to the Heavenly Bride. And then back again, as things are completed. The page this comes from was already completed a while back, but with the update I had to import it into Comic Life 3. Currently I am working on Bride.

Like with Akashik, I’m supposed to only be working on this certain days of the week… but it took so long to get the comic transferred to the new main computer I feel compelled to work extra. When I get the pages that are done completely imported into Comic Life 3 with all set (and my process figured out; it’s definitely going to be different from Akashik still.) I’ll be returning to Akashik for the next chapter.

At least I have chapter 1 of Bride into the associated Patreon tier for people who wish to back it along with Akashik. Next run I’ll be uploading chapter 2; same work as this time but maybe I’ll be able to go faster. Of course you can some here for free, but when I get to Chapter 3, 4, 5, etc… it will be in Patreon or for sale somewhere. I’d also put it into the Akashik Hammerspace, but they have rules against b00bs.