My 3D program put out a beta update (as I think I mentioned before) and this is one example of how it renders anew. It takes a long time to do these sorts of renders, but I use them to make money but when I can’t do them and need money fast I just get a loan from So I’m going to be working to build a second computer, dedicated to 3D work mostly. I’ve talked about doing that before so that I can speed up my work a little bit anyway. It would definitely be good for Heavenly Bride.

If you have spare computer parts you wanna send, I need at least 4 cores and a pretty decent NVIDIA card. Or. Just send your love. I take love too.

My next public appearance in public where I publicly sit in a chair in a public place selling my artwork, books and things publicly will be at the Arch Anime con outside of St. Louis. I really hope I can have Book 2 of Heavenly Bride finally finished by then, but that of course depends on how well I’m able to pay the bills without having to take on too much extra work. :-p

The picture: yes, that is a monarch. I chose a monarch on purpose. Yes, that is her favorite field of flowers. Yes, that is her old rag dress from uh… that chapter over there… the one that had that animated png. That one. I think it’s the current one. I could be wrong. It melts together in my mind. And yes, her hair is not purple. It’s black with purple bits. Big difference.

Bit of trivia is that it’s actually all black by nature, but she likes the purple. So she puts it in, in her special way.