Bet you thought I’d dumped the comic, didn’t you. Yeah, a lot of people tend to think that. Well, with the new very huge hospital bills and having to clear out all I had to replace the printer I’ve had to go back to taking on too many commissions and yes this once again has slowed me down. Just when I was almost in the clear, too, and starting to get a new routine for Heavenly Bride going. See this is why having a $5 a month membership here is so important, if you’re the impatient type.

I’m the impatient type.I wanna get book 3 out. Dang it.

Anyway, the up and coming page required some further character development. The old file for this character I’d built a long time ago fubarred so I had to go at it again. Character developments take a while. Here is a render of her… and possibly a preview of a panel on the next page as I’m thinking of just using this.

Going to be at OMGcon this weekend! Please if you’re there stop, say hello, tell me you read Bride.