Work continues. Akashik, Heavenly Bride’s sister comic, went live a while back and I’ve been working as I can inbetween… well, work. But things are moving.

I’ve been making and selling charms as a hobby for a long time, but I don’t do the conventions I used to do anymore so I’ve been thinking of another outlet. I love making charms. I love not having a house full of charms. Enter Amazon, which I had a seller account with (not the Advantage one) but had been sorely neglecting. They now allow handmade products, I just discovered thanks to the other half, so I’ve been putting things up there and basically working on cleaning up my convention table.

Enter the baby Lhung dragon charms. These had been made for a Kickstarter a long long time ago. I was never going to offer them anywhere again, but the truth is they’re all up in the house and need homes. So… I’m putting what I have left on Amazon up for sale and will move on from there. Maybe they’ll bring in some proceeds to support The Heavenly Bride.

Most likely I’ll talk more about it in the future on my regular blog.