This is an experiment with style that I was lucky to squeak out today. I think… today is day 4 of financial related panic attack… attack. And associated migraine. It’s pretty bad, so bad it’s hit my artistic libido to the point that I can’t even focus to get paying work done. But I’ll try not to dump here.

If you want to help – and I mean really want to help, not want to say you want to help when really you don’t want to help – there’s a way. I started a gofundme page. (click here) If you can’t donate – well don’t. But please hit the share button. And you can see what’s been going on if you’re that sort of curious.

I’m insanely jealous that some guy made potato salad on Kickstarter and got $55,000 for it. I’d be happy with a third of that. -_- I’d be happy with some financial stability and not getting dicked over by the army again and again. But yeah, I shall stop here on that subject.

Point to this is I can’t focus on Heavenly Bride right now. But I’m still trying. I just… think I’m going to curl up on the couch a while. Wait for a meteor to strike next.

Tell me what you think of this style. I’ve been trying to perfect the method for months now.