I’m probably going to do another semi-overhaul of the website soon. I want some fresh artwork up, I need a new look. It’s been a long time since I worked things around. I’ve already got an image in mind. It would be one that I could also make into a poster and replace another poster image I’m retiring out. Decisions decisions.

I’ve also been thinking for a long time now of just shutting Bride down entirely. It’s not my three or five supporters that have me feeling this way. It’s how disheartened I have been ever since I discovered that there was a certain set of pups who were coming here, ripping the pups only artwork off the website, and posting that artwork in other places. As I’d said back when I’d discovered the situation, it really sucks that I wasn’t even getting a one word comment on occasion from these guys. I’ve been very discouraged ever since, and this has affected my personal drive to finish the story a lot. After all, if I were making the story for just me I wouldn’t put it out for free here on the web for everyone to read like I do. I do it with one of my goals being the same goal many other authors and artists have: to be seen. And if I’m not seen with my efforts truly appreciated, I begin to wonder why I’m even bothering… as I did with Akashik until I couldn’t take it anymore.

I may also just end the membership program and make everything public. I do appreciate the fiscal support, and if folks want to continue supporting me I have a patreon account that could probably use some activity. But to be honest I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I can only say I’m leaning more and more to quitting the website itself.

I wouldn’t quit making Bride if I did that. Bride has a tiny readership over at Amazon. I’m not sure where else. It seems to always have done better in the commercial base of the publishing world than it has done via website. Maybe that’s just the direction it needs to go. Who knows.