It came to my attention today that comics that have trickled down to free members, but were still blocked from public view, are being shared at other webcomic databases.

On the one hand, The Heavenly Bride is cool enough to warrant being pirated. That’s pretty darn cool.

On the other hand, I don’t even get any comments here at The Heavenly Bride. I don’t get very many donations. I have three or four supporting members, and the only regular income it makes comes from the two whole ad boxes I keep on the site. That regular income amounts to a few cents a month. That amount of income is bolstered by you guys coming and reading at this site. Not some other site.

I realize I haven’t been able to update The Heavenly Bride on a regular basis – this is because in order to do that I have to be able to afford to make a living. So when things like even the ad boxes are undermined, I’m put in a position where I have to work even harder… and I don’t even get the traffic that has been redirected to the other webcomic database to show for it. I get nothing, not even a “grrr Jiu Liu is a bastard!” now and again. I suppose if I got some participation I’d feel better for it, but I don’t so I’m not.

So I have made a decision. Year old pages are no longer going to trickle down to the free accounts. In fact, with the disabling of this nifty thing I’d put up for everyone a lot of the pages should roll back. I’m going back to releasing small sets of pages now and again with each finished chapter, which means it may take a year for pages to be released depending on how hard I have to work through that year.

I want to finish The Heavenly Bride so very much. I want to get back to making Akashik and maybe 10 Confessions. The Heavenly Bride is a membership only website because of the occasional adult content it has, not because I’m trying to hold it for ransom. Either way, if there’s something that’s piling the work on my back to the point of breaking I gotta try to do something about it. So this is this and that is that.