Sum up: Printer died. Got sick. Car needs work. Dental work is expensive.

The long story: We’re in this straight because I had an abscessed tooth. The infection had spread to half of my face, I kid you not, and yes we DID go to a dentist… who wouldn’t help me (not kidding). So off to emergency room I went a couple of weekends ago.

That emergency room literally almost killed me by giving me things that gave me an allergic reaction and ignored me when I told them something was wrong. So off to a second emergency room we went and finally got help. Only for me to have to go to yet another dentist the next weekend.

The good thing here is after 2 years I have finally found a good dentist. The bad news is my finances are drained beyond crazy.

I do have my pride, though, so I’m offering prints of my work. My deviantart is here:

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