I’m sitting here quite devastated and trying to figure out what to do. The long of the short of it is that the event I was expecting happened, just not in the way it was supposed to much like a thief in the night. The main hard drive containing the built 3D world of Akashik, which includes Heavenly Bride, as well as my entire livelihood was dropped while I was doing maintenance. It fell a whole of four to six inches, and now it no longer works. It was acting funny already and I knew it, but just like all the other times I set a day aside to do backups it is now dead before I can do the backups. No really, literally every time I set aside time to do backups that’s the morning the drive dies. Without fail.

For the record the drive’s brand was Seagate. In case you want a statement that could serve as a review. If you like.

The good thing is the pages already made for Heavenly Bride that many of you have read are safe on another, older drive that’s still kicking strong. So I haven’t lost it completely. I just… can’t… work on it… like. At all.

It will take me thousands of dollars to get the props back. Not to mention the time to rebuild ALL of the characters. I didn’t know how to back them up, you see, or package them and when I asked in 3D forums I didn’t get any answers. So Taus, Lhung, Coco… they’re all dead with no hope because I’m perpetually broke. And man. It took me years to build Taus and Lhung. And although I can return to the old way of doing things, my hand cant’ handle it. So I’m effectively screwed no matter which way I turn.

The bad thing is I now have to email all of my clients and tell them I’m essentially out of business.

There are ways to recover information from disks, but each time this has happened to me I’ve not been very lucky so I’ve no hope. So for now I’m putting this graphic up. If I still have no hope in the next couple of days, I’ll be shutting down the memberships on the site. Beyond that I just don’t know. At this stage, Heavenly Bride will need a miracle. And considering I’m also struggling with a late mortgage payment and the consequences of my husband’s retirement, that miracle would have to be backed by the forces of Hell. So I’m not holding my breath or anything.